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The Law Offices of Christopher A. Hostage, Rockville, Maryland, represents clients in a wide range of family law matters including divorce, child custody, visitation, separation agreements, modification proceedings, enforcement of court orders, alimony, paternity and child support.

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Divorce, Child Custody

Few things are more important to parents than their children. One of the sad realities ofdivorce is the effect it can have on the relationship between parents and children.

Even well-intentioned parents can have disagreements about child custody and visitation. When disagreements about custody and visitation arise, it can be helpful to have an experienced attorney who understands how local courts resolve contested custody cases.

Attorney Christopher A. Hostage has been serving clients in courts throughout Maryland since 1993. He has a firm understanding of local courts and their procedures. He uses this knowledge to secure the best possible child custody and visitation arrangements for his clients.

Divorce, Child Support or Alimony

In addition to representing clients involved in a divorce, the law firm represents clients in post-divorce modification proceedings, including motions for the modification of child custody, child support or alimony. Modifications are typically requested when there has been a substantial change in material condition.

Representation for Grandparents and Unwed Parents

Mr. Hostage is pleased to represent grandparents who are seeking visitation with a grandchild. He also represents unmarried mothers and fathers in paternity actions.

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