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DUI or DWI Defense in Maryland

If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI in Maryland or the District of Columbia, contact the Law Offices of Christopher A. Hostage. Mr. Hostage provides experienced representation on behalf of clients charged with a first-time DUI or DWI and clients charged as repeat offenders.

The founder of the firm, attorney Christopher A. Hostage, is an experienced criminal defense attorney who works diligently to seek the best possible results for each client he represents. To schedule a free consultation with attorney Christopher A. Hostage, contact the law office in Rockville, Maryland.

DUI or DWI Defense in the District of Columbia

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you face serious charges. A drunk driving conviction can result in a significant driver’s license suspension as well as the possibility of jail time and/or probation. Even a conviction for a first-time DUI charge can result in significant penalties and a loss of your driving privileges.

Before pleading guilty to a DUI or DWI charge, contact a criminal defense attorney who can advise you of your rights. The firm has considerable experience in DUI or DWI cases. If retained to handle your case, Mr. Hostage will raise a vigorous defense on your behalf. He will perform a thorough investigation and ask critical questions of the prosecution, including the following:

  • Did the police have sufficient cause to stop your vehicle?
  • Did the police have sufficient cause to make an arrest?
  • Did the investigating officer correctly administer your breath test?
  • Did the police violate your constitutional rights?

If the state cannot prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, Mr. Hostage will not hesitate to take your case to trial. If the state has a strong case and you do not wish to take your case to trial, he will negotiate on your behalf and pursue a plea agreement that will minimize your exposure to criminal penalties and adverse consequences.

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