Drug Paraphernalia
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Drug Paraphernalia Defense

Have you been arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia? Take an important step toward protecting your rights and seek help from an experienced defense attorney. For more than 25 years, the Law Offices of Christopher A. Hostage has protected the rights of individuals throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. Attorney Christopher A. Hostage has the skills to fight these criminal charges and build a strong defense on your behalf.

Experienced Maryland Defense Attorney

Christopher A. Hostage has extensive experience protecting the rights of individuals. He represents adults and juveniles alike who have been arrested for or charged with drug possession crimes such as the following:

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Sale of drug paraphernalia
  • Distribution of drug paraphernalia
  • Advertising for sale or distribution of drug paraphernalia

What Is Drug Paraphernalia?

Under Maryland law, drug paraphernalia is any type of equipment, material or product that is intended for any of the following reasons:

  • Growing drugs
  • Producing drugs
  • Manufacturing drugs
  • Storing drugs
  • Concealing drugs
  • Injecting drugs
  • Ingesting drugs
  • Inhaling drugs

Drug paraphernalia crimes are handled as misdemeanors. Conviction of a first offense carries a fine of up to $500. Subsequent convictions carry jail sentences up to two years and fines up to $2,000.

The Law Offices of Christopher A. Hostage strongly believes that you are innocent until proven guilty. If you retain the firm’s services, Mr. Hostage will seek to suppress any evidence that was seized in violation of your constitutional rights. For example, if the drug paraphernalia was obtained through unlawful search and seizure, he will seek to suppress the evidence. Additionally, he will make appropriate motions to dismiss charges lacking sufficient evidence. He consistently strives to obtain the best possible result for each client.



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